Our Story


With a small team of talented craftspeople, Hollis Newton re-imagines antique and vintage furniture, creating one-off bespoke pieces of furniture. 

The company name “Hollis Newton” has a family history. “Hollis” is the name of the creative and wanderlustful maternal uncle of founder Roxanne Brathwaite. “Newton” belonged to the eccentric great uncle on her father’s side who, along with his wife Marge, owned an antique shop in their native Trinidad. In addition, each chair design carries the name of a family member. Roxanne works with her brother, Russell, and upholstery masters Berkley Peazer and Pamela Phillips, who have become like family.

About Hollis Newton, Roxanne says, “I love the cultural movement that has resurrected traditional trades and crafts and turned them on their side. I always had a love for the upholstery trade and antiques and vintage furniture in particular, but I also had an impulse to remix things and bring something entirely fresh and new.”

And with Hollis Newton she believes she has, winning Best Business Venture Pitch, from ACCEL Centre for Entrepreneurship in Toronto, 2018. 


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